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The symposium brings together researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and other stakeholders to share and discuss the latest research findings, best practices, and emerging trends related to early

childhood development.

Diverse Kindergarten


Organized by OPSR, the Early Childhood Research Symposium plays a vital role within Oklahoma's early childhood community. Serving as a nexus for networking, collaboration and the exchange of cutting- edge insights, the symposium works as a catalyst to unite the state's early childhood community. This dynamic event allows for the widespread distribution of new and crucial information across the state, ensuring services are based upon the most current data to best serve the needs of children.

Thank you to our sponsors, attendees and presenters of the 2023 Research Symposium!

We hope to see you again in 2024! 

Download the symposium program here.

Download the symposium presentations below:

Promoting Father Involvement in Home Visiting and Parenting

Learn the Signs. Act Early.

Fireside Chat on the Clearinghouse for Early Childhood Development

Pyramid Model Peer Learning Communities: Supporting Oklahoma's Workforce

Creating Healing Environments for Maltreated and Highly Stressed Children

Factors Influence the Choice and Center-Based Childcare in Myanmar Refugee Families

Community Building with Myanmar Refugee Women: Hope for Children

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