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OPSR works to ensure better, equitable outcomes for children and families.



In 2003 House Bill 1094 created our organization, the Oklahoma Partnership for School Readiness (OPSR). This legislation recognized more state-level action is required to successfully support families and children from birth to five-years-old. At this state level, OPSR engages and informs policy makers and the public on how to improve children’s health and development. Together, we lead public and private partnerships, so that children arrive at school with the knowledge, skills and physical and emotional health to achieve success. We also utilize data, research and best practices that engage parents, nonprofit leaders, community partners and business leaders to inform recommendations to the Governor and legislature.


The Oklahoma School Readiness Pathway serves as our roadmap to identify, monitor and report how Oklahoma is or isn’t meeting school readiness benchmarks. This pathway brings the latest research to the forefront and identifies areas for improvement in programs, policies and funding. Ultimately, our goal is for Oklahoma’s early childhood system to be coordinated, aligned and adequately funded.

Our vision is that all Oklahoma children are safe, healthy, eager to learn and ready to succeed by the time they enter school.


Our mission is to lead Oklahoma in coordinating an early childhood system that strengthens families and ensures all children are ready for school.



Leadership Team

Click the photos to learn more about each OPSR Leadership Team member.


Theresa Cooper_edited.jpg

Theresa Cooper, MS
Professional Development Coordinator

Amber Cuyler_edited.jpg

Amber Cuyler
Director of Child Care Resource & Referral

Denise Daniels.jpg

Denise Daniels
Clearinghouse Compliance Manager

Keila Garcia_edited_edited.jpg

Keila Garcia
CCR&R Program and Hispanic Services Manager

Dustin Goad_edited.jpg

Dustin Goad
CCR&R Data Services Manager

Mary Griffin_edited_edited.jpg

Mary Griffin
Clearinghouse Project Manager

Lindsay Insomya_edited.jpg

Lindsay Insomya

Gabrielle Jacobi_edited.jpg

Gabrielle Jacobi
Project Manager

Taylor Knooihuizen_edited.jpg

Taylor Knooihuizen, M.Ed.
Program Coordinator


Allison Loeffler, MSW
Director of Early Childhood Systems

Leslie Castro.jpg

Leslie Mangus
Operations Coordinator

Michelle Miller_edited.jpg

Michelle Miller
CCR&R Compliance Manager

Violetta J_edited.jpg

Violetta J. Mumford, MA
Finance Manager

Angela Rodriguez_edited.jpg

Angela Rodriguez
Executive Assistant

Collette Sawyer_edited.jpg

Collette Sawyer
CCR&R Business Consultant

Jon Trudgeon_edited.jpg

Jon Trudgeon
Communications Coordinator

Adelaide Webb_edited.jpg

Adelaide Webb, MA
Director of Research


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