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OPSR Announces Ratings for First Round of Submissions to Clearinghouse

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

The Oklahoma Partnership for School Readiness is pleased to publish the first round of successful submissions to the Oklahoma Clearinghouse for Early Childhood Success with a combination of programs and evidence-based practices designed to improve(enhance) the social emotional well-being in early childhood settings. The submissions by early childhood experts, both nationally and within our state, were the first to be rated and reviewed by Clearinghouse since its formation in 2020.

“A goal for Child Care Services is that the State of Oklahoma leads the nation in early childhood outcomes through the development of an evolving definition of quality,” says Justin Brown, Oklahoma Secretary for Human Services and Director of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. “But what does quality mean? When I asked that question, there was no unified answer. The research and practices posted to the Oklahoma Clearinghouse will provide our state with an evolving definition of quality in child care.”

The Clearinghouse is composed of three primary committees, intending to 1) evaluate global research in the space of early childhood, 2) determine whether related projects could be appropriate and relevant to implement in early childhood settings and 3) leverage government and private funding sources to invest in research, curriculum and professional development tools necessary to equip the workforce to implement new research-based practices ‘on the ground.

“It can be hard for the industry to keep up with the latest early childhood research and best practices, let alone find innovative ways to serve children and prepare them for success” said Carrie Williams, executive director at OPSR. “The Clearinghouse will serve as a repository for research, evidence-based practices, and innovative ideas to elevate the early childhood industry in Oklahoma and nationwide and to make those supports available to those who serve children in Oklahoma.”

Initially a project of Oklahoma Department of Human Services but moved to OPSR in July 2021, the Clearinghouse will also monitor data from early childhood settings who have implemented Clearinghouse-approved and funded curriculum for ongoing improvement and evaluation purposes.

Submissions to the Clearinghouse may be steeped in research or in practice. In addition, the Clearinghouse will champion innovation, strengthening Oklahoma’s early childhood system by identifying support to implement quality programs in the state.

Each submission to the Clearinghouse is reviewed and rated by researchers, early childhood experts, and practitioners. The committee experts determine a rating for each submission and determine eligibility for posting to the Clearinghouse website. Successful submissions are presented to OKDHS for consideration of implementation support.

The Clearinghouse began accepting submissions in Sept. 2021 under the focus area of social emotional well-being.

“Social development refers to a child's ability to create and sustain meaningful relationships with adults and children, and emotional development is a child’s ability to express, recognize, and manage his or her emotions, as well as respond appropriately to others’ emotions,” said Williams. “Positive social and emotional development in the early years provides a critical foundation for lifelong development and learning.”

In the first round, 22 initiatives were submitted. Below are the 10 submissions the Clearinghouse has vetted and approved.

Practice-based Ideas

Promising Practices

Parent Advisory Committee Courses by University of Oklahoma Health Science Center Create a statewide training program that helps develop and maintain effective parent advisory committees.

Rainbow Fleet Family Child Care Quality Enhancement Initiative by Rainbow Fleet Provide hands-on training, practical application and mentoring to move child care facilities to a high stars ranking.

Emerging Practices

Start Right – Finish Ahead by ThinkTune Inc. A musical program that helps teachers or leaders use songs and fun to educate children ages 3 to 5.

Research-based Ideas

Well Supported by Research

Expanding Social-Emotional Support through Conscious Discipline by Sunbeam Family Services, Inc. - Conscious Discipline Create an interconnected world of conscious adults capable of responding instead of reacting to conflict, creating safe homes and schools.

Improving the Social-Emotional Development of Oklahoma’s Young Children by Oklahoma Association of Community Action Agencies Improve the social emotional development of Oklahoma children in licensed child care by increasing the number of Pyramid Model trainers.

Promoting Social Emotional Development Through Reach Out and Read by Reach Out and Read Partner Reach Out and Read medical providers with Early Head Start/Head Start programs to promote literacy and prioritize reading and relationships.

Promising Research

Al’s Pals SEL Training & Curriculum by Great Plains Child Care Resource & Referral Use guided creative play, brainstorming, puppetry, original music, and movement to develop children’s social-emotional competence.

Additional Research Needed

Supporting Data-driven Improvements in Early Education by the University of Oklahoma’s Early Childhood Education Institute Cultivate improved quality in early education by providing data driven coaching to teachers and center/school leaders.

Innovative Ideas

Oklahoma Clearinghouse Social Emotional Well-being by Palomar: Oklahoma City’s Family Justice Center Remove barriers, increase safety and mitigate children’s adverse childhood experiences by expanding the domestic violence victim services and reach of Palomar's Children's Sanctuary.

Community of Support for Early Childhood Communities by Autism Foundation of Oklahoma Create a statewide network of trained providers who are experts in autism to serve as a resource to early childhood communities.


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