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Needs Assessment


This piece of OKFutures focuses on assessing the availability, quality and alignment of existing health, early care and learning, and family education and support programs. By conducting a needs assessment, OPSR was able to determine the number and type of families who currently participate in Oklahoma's early childhood system as well as analyze data and identify strategies to reach our target population of Oklahoma's most vulnerable and underserved families. Moreover, this assessment links policies, practices and funding that impede equitable access to resources.

Urban Institute

Based out of Washington, D.C., Urban Institute is an expert on early childhood education, community engagement and strategic planning.


Learn more about Urban Institute here.

Cultivating Insight

OPSR worked with the Urban Institute to provide a clear understanding of early childhood needs in Oklahoma. By analyzing the current landscape of the state's early childhood care and education mixed delivery system, our objective was to inform the implementation of changes to Oklahoma's system that maximize the availability of high quality options for low-income, disadvantaged families. In addition, Urban Institute's work will help us improve the quality of care, streamline administrative infrastructure and improve state-level funding.

Urban Insitute collected and analyzed a variety of existing data including needs assessments, strategic plans, census information, state and local administrative data, and policy, workforce and cost analyses. In addition, Urban Institute drafted a Key Themes Memo, see below, which identifies needs in three key areas including: early childhood care and education, health and family support program. These themes align with the Oklahoma School Readiness Pathway. To fill in any gaps, the Urban Institute also conducted site visits with parents and providers in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Tahlequah, Ada, Enid and Shawnee.

All of these efforts culminated into a final needs assessment that was approved by the Administration for Children and Families. This needs assessment helped guide the development of a strategic plan for the state.

Click here for the OKFutures Needs Assessment.

OPSR is pleased to work with Third Sector Intelligence to build upon existing efforts to develop an Oklahoma Early Childhood Integrated Data System (ECIDS). ECIDS will help us take all that we learned from our needs assessment to increase alignment and quality in order to better meet existing needs.

From the request for proposal to the latest stakeholder meeting, below you can follow our progress each step of the way.

The purpose of ECIDS is to improve outcomes for children and families by creating an integrated early childhood data system.




Find everything you need to know about the needs assessment.