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Maximizing Parent Choice


One of OKFutures' priorities is to increase parent awareness about the resources and supports available in Oklahoma's early childhood system. Specifically, OPSR will work with a communications firm on messaging that is relatable to and connects with all Oklahoma families. Additionally, in order to maximize parent choice, this grant will build community capacity by expanding existing parent education resources.

Advocacy & Communication Solutions

For 15 years, ACS has helped their clients advocate, communicate, innovate and move forward.


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Making an Impact

OPSR is working with Advocacy & Communication Solutions (ACS) to develop a communication and outreach strategy that targets rural families and ultimately increases these families’ knowledge about the importance of early childhood and resources that are available to them.

After completing a statewide messaging analysis, which is available in the document below, ACS and OPSR conducted a two-day strategy session. During this meeting, OPSR worked through several of ACS' communication frameworks including network mapping and determing a structure for a champion strategy.

As we move forward, ACS will conduct an online survey (see more information below) and additional strategic sessions with OPSR while engaging with the Family & Community Engagement Team and relying on them for additional guidance and feedback. For more details on our current goals and strategies, refer to the docments below.


In order to develop a communication and outreach strategy, OPSR is working with ACS to survey low-income families living in rural counties who have young children and who are connected to services.

Survey results will be available soon.

Survey Goals

The purpose of this survey is to understand the following: 

  • Where families receive information about early childhood and who they trust.
  • Family perspectives about the importance of early childhood, what high quality early childhood education looks like, and what they value.
  • Message themes that resonate with families.


Find everything you need to know about maximizing parent choice.